{{{{{1}}}|Aatrox|||| |name=Aatrox |disp_name=Aatrox |ms=345 |range=150 |attack_delay=-0.04 |as_base=0.651 |dam_base=60.376 |arm_base=24.384 |mr_base=32.1 |hp_base=537.8 |mp_base=30 |hp5_base=6.59 |mp5_base=0 |as_lvl=3 |dam_lvl=3.2 |arm_lvl=3.8 |mr_lvl=1.25 |hp_lvl=85 |mp_lvl=45 |hp5_lvl=0.5 |mp5_lvl=0 |image=AatroxSquare.png |title=the Darkin Blade |herotype=Fighter |alttype=Tank |rangetype=Melee |date=2013-06-13 |patch=V3.8 |changes=V5.11 |resource=Health |health=4 |attack=8 |spells=3 |difficulty=4 |ip=6300 |rp=975 |skill_i=Blood Well |skill_q=Dark Flight |skill_w=Blood Thirst;Blood Price |skill_e=Blades of Torment |skill_r=Massacre |gender = Male |race = Darkin |birthplace = |residence = |occupation = |faction = Independent |allies = |friends = |rivals = Tryndamere }}

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